Claes Oldenburg's Festival of Living Objects

pages 1-2

pages 1-2


In 2013, I undertook a project at the Walker Art Center, where I plumbed their archive for material related to the works in the exhibition Claes Oldenburg: The Sixties.

The field guide Claes Oldenburg's Festival of Living Objects was published as one element of a commissioned artistic response project to the Claes Oldenburg: The Sixties exhibition at the Walker Art Center, which culminated in a series of gallery tours in December, 2013.

Archive Dive

My dive into the Walker's archive me to artist books and contemporary writings from Oldenburg's 1960s, which infiltrate the responses. The goal was to integrate fact, quote, reverie, and compressed description of the works—opening the possibility to a useful field guide for an exhibition you may never experience.


Erasing Céline

Among the writings on Oldenburg, I found that his installations "The Store" and "The Street" were heavily influenced by his reading of Death on the Installment Plan. I dove into the text for clues, creating a series of erasures that might make his case.