Tracking Shots

Photo documentation: Michael Courier (images 1-4) and Sandra Binion (images 5-9).


For the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago's 50th anniversary celebration MCA Hearts Chicago, I collaborated with artist Lou Mallozzi on Tracking Shots, a two-hour durational performance during which Lou slowly circled the MCA building once, reading news reports from October 21, 1967 to the building, while I circled the building roughly 50 times in the opposite direction, collecting pages from Lou as he finished reading from them, forming a kind of bouquet to present to the building.

Interesting to combine distance running and reading into a fluxus-inspired artwork. 

From the original press materials:

Lou Mallozzi in collaboration with Fred Schmalz: Tracking Shots

In the same spirit as some of the first MCA artist collaborators, Chicago based artist Lou Mallozzi creates a work that explores the political, cultural, and artistic environment of the museum’s founding. Both Mallozzi and collaborator Fred Schmalz circumnavigate the building for several hours, one running while the other slowly walks and recites aloud pieces of writing from 1967.